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Services for object inbound delivery

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I'm using the 'Services for object' box that is displayed in every document once activated using the PID SD_SWU_ACTIVE (including PRs in ME52N/ME353N, POs in ME22N/ME23N and Inbound deliveries in VL32N/VL33N, though the description of the PID is talking of workflow box activation in VA02 and VA03).

The 'Relationships' menu gives direct access to IDocs received or sent for the document.

That's easier and quicker than going to the outputs for the doc., copy the IDoc number in the processing log for an output and paste it then in WE02 to display it.

However, the relationships menu in the box remains empty for an inbound delivery, even if an output was processed fr it and an IDoc sent.

Anyone has an idea if I miss anything?



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I found what is wrong, to be short the object type.

After having reviewed a program supposed to update the relationship for IDocs for inbound deliveries (LV55KF01), I saw that the object type used by the program was 'BUS2015'.

With the help of /h in SE16, I added in table SRRELROLES an entry for my IBD with BUS2015 as object type:


And I can now see the IDocs for the IBD in the relationships of the VL33N GOS.

I saw some community threads saying that an entry should be created in tcode SEWC.

Can you please help me with that?