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Service PO functionality in Martial PO

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Hi Gurus,

please help in what customizations that i have to maintained to get the functionality of service POs in Material POs in MIRO screen (Specifically to get the balance amount in MIRO screen)

My scrnario---

My service PO in SRM is converted to Material PO in ECC.(Example 1 quantity of 1000 $)

At the time of 1 st invoice in MIRO screen, the 1 quantity of 1000 $ will display as default (If I post 1 qty of 200$ ).

At the time of posting second invoice in MIRO screen should show balance of Qty=1 of 800$ as per functionality of servise PO.

However , current scenarion does not display the banace amount during MIRO.

Means the requirement is for Material PO he balance amount should apprear on the MIRO screen irrespective of the qty .

Thanks , Madhu.

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Answers (2)

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service PO fuctionality in material PO can not be maintained. The functionality and purpose of service PO is different materil PO. material can be stocked in storage location. services are directly goes to consumption of that cost center.

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For Service PO are you doing any confirmation in SRM?

If yes it will create service entry sheet in R/3.

Make PO as Sevice based invoive verfication.

As you confirmed amount in SRM,that amount only you can do Invoice in R/3.

It is not possible in your case to display balance amount as you are reffering PO (PObased invoice verification )for creating Invoice .

If you want to know balance amount while doing confirmation SRM,use some BADI or user exit to display balance amount for that perticular shopping cart.