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serial numbers

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Dear All

What is serial number profile in SD, would provide me the configuration process with screen shots

and wre do maintain the serial number number ranges,


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Suresh,

please go through the following link

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Answers (3)

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please give u r email id , i will forward


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In SAP-SD there are various documents where we assign number ranges these are sales documents,delivery documnets,billing documents..etc.

Ex:Number Ranges In Sales Order

This is regarding number ranges defining and assigning tips which you can follow as below:

Whenever there is a new Sales Org being created, you will be required to maintain Number Ranges for Sales Documents which are allowed for your New Sales Area.

Number Ranges can be maintained Internally by the system, however it can be maintained externally also if you customize it accordingly.

In Standard SAP the Transaction code for Maintaiing Number ranges externally is VN01.

Defining - The same can be reached through in IMG as : Sales & Distribution>Sales>Sales Document Header-->Define Number Ranges for Sales Documents.

Here you provide the system a specific Number range as follows:

Number range Key Start Number range End Number Range+Current Number

For Example: If you want to propose the following Number Range

*1 9000076000 9000076999 0

The Current Number field will be kept zero as you are proposing new number range and no sales documents have been created on it , Obviously..

*1 is a Unique Two digit Alphanumeric Key, while proposing your key, you should ensure that it should not be there in the system as existing.

If you propose a key that is there in the system or if the Number Range (Start and End Series) is there in the system already, the system will throw a message that Interval already already exists. So choose a key that is unique, and which is not there in the system.

Here , by making this , you are assigning a Key to a Number Range Series.

Assigning - In Assigning, you assign the particular Sales Document to the Number Range you have already proposed as above.

The Assigning Part is done as follows:

The Two digit Alpha Numeric Key is maintained or Assigned to the respective Sales Document type in V0V8.

This can also be reached in IMG by:

Sales & Distribution>Sales>Sales Document Header-->Define Sales Document Types

Locate the particular Sales Doc Type, and double click on it to display it configuration. Here you put the Two Digit Number key in the Field- "Number range External Assignment"

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Working with serial numbers

Serial numbers can be assigned to a single piece of material at various stages within a business process


When is the serial number to be entered so as to:

• enable usage history

• relevant tracking

• documentation flow

BUT at the same time preventing redundant entries.

Areas where serial information could be tracked in SAP

• good receipts with external serial numbers

• production of high-level-products

• internal movements of products

• good issues to customers

• service notifications

• modification of an existing product

• add-on an existing product

Working with serial numbers in SAP

Process flow

1. Need a serial number profile

2. This serial number profile needs to be assigned to the materials that require serialization

3. Serial number master record created (before or assigned during transaction)

4. Can automatically create an equipment master in the background – access to all maintenance and service processing functionality

Serial number master record created (before or during transaction)

• Contains the information for serial number management

• The serial master contains information concerning:

- Status information

- Stock information (in which plant and sloc material is located)

- Configuration data

- Warranty

Serial masters can be created in advance

Or serial numbers can be created during assignment in business procedures

• All transactions against the serialized material are recorded in the Serial Master History

Decisions – serial number entry

Serial numbers can be assigned to a single piece of material at various stages within a business process


When is the serial number to be entered so as to enable usage history and relevant tracking and documentation flow for a single material item


1. Is the serial number required at time of goods receipt from BU

2. Is the serial number required in production for the components

3. Is the serial number to be assigned to the finished product at production time

4. Is the serial number to be assigned in the sales order or the delivery

5. Is the serial number to be assigned in the customer returns delivery

6. Internal / external number assignment for serial numbers:

IQ01 & IQ04

Do reward points,

Vamsi. P