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Serial Numbers Not popuating in the operation level of the results recordin

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Serial Numbers Profile has activated to the Material. At the time receiving thr goods, System generates Inspection lot. For this Material document has the serial numbers. Pls see the example below.

EX: 1,2,3-serial numbers

System generates Inspection lot if i receive the 3 quantity and assigning these 3 serial numbers to the material.

We have 2 Operation assigned to the Inspection plan.

At the time of recording for operation 1, system showing only one serail number

For operation 2 it is showing all the serial numbers.

you Answers are really appriciatble.



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Answers (2)

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Hi SK,

If for 2nd operation system is showing all 3 serial numbers, then I think serial number procedures are correct.

The only doubt I have is check sampling procedure in inspection plan for 1st operationu2019s MICs, whether it is FIXED1. Also check control indicator of single results is ticked. Try to compare both operations MICs details. If itu2019s working for 2nd, it has to work for 1st also.



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While assigning Inspection type for material u can see for inspection type u have a serial number profile enable that

after doing so g0 to OIS2 u check whether Procedure for Serial Number Management is assigned with inspection lot also follow this procedure

1.Go to MM02 click on the Quality Management Tab

2. Click on Inspection set up ull find inspection types there check serial number is enabled or not adjacent to sampling procedure

3.After doing this save

4. Open OIS2 there you will find the procedures

5.Check the Profile select the profile and click on serializing procedures

6.Check whether u have QMSL Maintain inspection lot if so save or else create and assign

With Regards