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Serial numbers allow repeated on-hand

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Hi Team,

Please guide on the below client issue as below:

  • A material with obligatory serial number can be received against a Production order giving it status ESTO.
  • The serial number can then become part of an equipment hierarchy giving is status ASEQ. It can then be issued against a higher level production order where the status returns to AVLB and ASEQ simultaneously.
  • As this part has status ASEQ it should not be possible to receive into stock the same serialized inventory twice but as status AVLB it seems it can be received twice.

Issue : This above scenario goes against the principle that there is only one unique sterilized material. If a part has been assigned to a production order or at a customer site it should only be possible to post to stock one time.

Test Case:

  1. Created and released 1st level child Material 100-7012-010 -  Order 1000281
  2. Created serial number 38  manually (IQ04)
  3. Received stock of serial number 38 material 100-7012-010 (MIGO) material document 5000000368
    1. Status of material Serial Number is ESTO
  4. Created and released production order for parent product (Material 105-7012-000) Order 1000281
  5. Created the equipment hierarchy and create the serial number of the parent 105-7012-000 using the customer program ZSERTRK
    1. The status of the  child 100-7012-010 Sn 38 is now ESTO and ASEQ
    2. The Sn of the parent product is  105-7012-000 is created and is AVLB status
  6. Issue the child 100-7012-010 SN 38  to the new order 1000281 (Material doc 4900004966)
    1. The status of the  child 100-7012-010 SN 38 is now AVLB and ASEQ simulataneous
  7. Received the parent material into stock  - material document 5000000370
    1. The status of 105-7012-000 SN 38 is now ESTO
  8. Created a new production order for the 1st level laser (Material 100-7012-010 ) – Order 1000283
  9. Received the child material into stock in serial number 38 – Material document 5000000371

ISSUE – Although serial number is status ASEQ meaning it is already assigned to a parent part it is possible to bring serial number 38 back into stock. This should not be possible as it makes no sense. It should be a requirement to dismantle the structure before being able to receive back into stock

Thanks in adavnce,


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Answers (2)

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Sure Sir,

I will update you the status without fail.

Very much thanks for your guidence on this issue.



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