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Serial Number&WBS Element

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Hi experts,

1-) I can not deliver sales orders because it requires serial numbers.

Can anybody tell me how to cancel asking serial numbers?

2-)If it is not available how can I create serial numbers?

I created serial numbers by trcode IQ01 but again I can not deliver sales order.

3-)At "create material serial number " screen it requires a WBS element.

What is WBS element?

And what is the role of it?


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Hi refer below ,Reward if helps you

WBS element

1) What is WBS element?

2) What is the Tcode to get to that screen?

3) What is the need and purpose of WBS element?

4) Do we happen to work on Functional module during our implementation project?

5) In what scenario/situation we will be working on WBS?

WBS is nothing but Work Breakdown Structure. It is mainly used in Project System (PS) module. Tcode : CJ20N

For any project defined we must have at least one WBS. Within this WBS we can have networks. Networks are nothing but the series of activities. Material are used to perform the activities.

To explain in detail just consider one example:

Govt of India wants to have Roads to be build through out the India. So Project can be defined in sap as "Connectivity".

WBS can be roads within different states like Roads for Gujarat, Karnataka etc.. i.e. WBS Gujarat, WBS Karnataka etc.

We can define different networks for these WBS like Road Between Ahmedabad to Surat or Between Bangalore to Belgham.

For this network we can have many activities like Land selection, Land Preparation, Road Building, Final finishing etc etc.

Hemal's example was a good example. Project Systems comes into play only when the industry's business is based on projects like... Construction companies, Engineer to Order scenarios. You may not see anyone using PS module for retail business. As Hemal explained in that example, you have a main project which is broken down into WBS elements. You can use the TC CJ20N to create the project and the WBS elements. Each WBS may have mutiple Networks associated and each Network may have multiple Network Activities as explained in the example by Hemal.

On the Sales Order, if your client is implementing PS module, you may have to attach the Sales Order to the WBS element it belongs to. WBS element is nothing but a bucket where all the activities belonging to that particular part of the project are captured. In the example, WBS Gujurat will tell you how many Sales Orders were created for the Gujurat sector, how much was spent on raw materials, what's the currect stock (reject stock) available. How many Production Orders have been confirmed and how many of them are getting confirmed in the future. How many invoices have been generated or how much revenue has been generated for that particular sector. How many deliveries have been made, what deliverables are still not accomplished.

So as you can see, PS is the center stage for all the modules that are being implemented like FI/CO, SD, MM, PP in this example. You can have cost centers and work centers defined. You can also have profit centers assigned at the plant level and get reports on various selection criteria.

In a complete cycle of PS, like in reality, you initiate a project, you confirm/release the WBS/activities as per requirement, you execute the project and you close it.

One cannot initiate an activity unless it has been released by the project manager. Everything is accountable here and every dime is counted and at the end you know how much did you spend or make on each sector (WBS). Dont get confused with the term sector here... I am using it just for the explanation purposes.

In one typical example, the company I was working with until not too long ago, had Deliveries from the Project (TC: CNS0). We never used VL01N. We used CNS0 to create a delivery and then used VL02N for confirming the picking quantity for the already created delivery document.

I hope this should help you at least a bit. I'm not a PS consultant so I may not know a whole lot but trying going to CJ20N and you will see a lot yourself.

PS consultants are one of the highest paid consultants. Their supply is less and so is the demand. They are expected to understand real world business processes very well and they are generally the center stage of a project.

Serial Number Management :

Serial Number Profile

Working With Serial Numbers

Serial Number Master Record

Creating Master Records for Serial Numbers

Serialization Data in the Piece of Equipment

Maintenance of Configuration Data

Serial Number Profile:


A group of data, summarized by a four-digit identification code, that defines the conditions and business procedures involved when assigning serial numbers to items of material.

You enter the serial number profile in the master record at plant level for the material whose individual pieces are to be managed using material numbers. This means that an individual serial number profile can be assigned to a piece of material per plant. In this way a certain material can require serial numbers at one plant, and not at others.


The serial number profile contains the following information:

 The business procedures for which serialization

– Can be performed

– Must be performed

– Is performed automatically

– Is not performed

 Information on whether for a particular business procedure

– Serial numbers can be assigned, for which a master record does not yet exist in the system

– Serial numbers that already exist in the system as a master record must be specified

 Information on whether for a particular business procedure, a stock check should take place, and how the system should react in the event of inconsistencies

The business procedures for which an equipment master record should or should not additionally be created for each serial number

The equipment category that the system uses when assigning serial numbers automatically in the case of equipment master records.

Working With Serial Numbers:


You use serial numbers to identify items of material, which enables you to distinguish between the individual pieces.

Process Flow

 You create a serial number profile in Customizing for Plant Maintenance and Customer Service.

 You create a material master record and enter a serial number profile.

 You create a batch master record for the material if it is to be managed in batches.

 You can create serial number master records in advance if you want to have a pool of serial numbers. From a technical perspective, an "incomplete" equipment master record is created for this.

 You can create configuration data for serial number master records.

 You assign serial numbers to the material when business procedures take place (for example, a goods receipt):

 Either you assign manually serial number master records that you created in advance, or

 The system assigns automatically new serial numbers and creates new serial number master records for this

Serial Numbers in Sales and Distribution :


It is possible to assign serial numbers in sales orders, inquiries and quotations, as well as for deliveries and returns deliveries. This makes it possible to track individual objects when goods movements take place (for example, sale of goods to a customer).


In order to use the serialization functionality in sales orders, inquiries, and quotations, you must have implemented the Sales component, and to use the serialization functionality for deliveries, you need the Distribution component.


A serial number profile with the following procedures must be entered in the material master record:

Profile Maintenance for Deliveries

 Procedure SDCC checks the serial number on goods issue. The serial number usage for it should be 03 = must.

 Procedure SDLS defines that the serial number should be created on delivery. The serial number usage for it should be 02 = can.

 Procedure SDAU defines that the serial number should be created in the SD order for items that are delivered. The serial number usage for it should be 02 = can.

 In this way, it is ensured that the serial number is assigned at the latest when the goods issue is delivered.

SDAU This procedure makes possible the use of serial numbers in sales orders, inquiries and quotations

SDLS This procedure makes possible the assignment of serial numbers for deliveries.

SDCC This procedure makes possible the assignment of serial numbers when performing completeness checks for deliveries.

SDRE This operation makes possible the assignment of serial numbers for returns deliveries.

SDCR This procedure makes possible the assignment of serial numbers when performing completeness checks for returns deliveries.

Serial Number Master Record:


Data record that contains information for serial number management. The serial number is given to an item of material in addition to the material number, in order to differentiate that individual item from all other pieces of this material. The combination of material and serial number is unique.


The following information is contained in the serial number master record:

 Status information

You can establish here, which system and user statuses are valid for the master record. If necessary, you can set or delete the user status, display the authorized business procedures and set particular system statuses.

 Stock information

You can see here in which plant and warehouse the item of material is located, or to which batch it belongs. You can also see what type of stock and special stock is involved. The stock information is recorded automatically when goods movements are performed, and cannot be changed manually.

 Partner Data

Here, for example, you can use freely definable partner functions and partners to specify in Customizing which companies are responsible for the maintenance of the serialized material.

Configuration data

Here, you can configure a item of material according to its characteristics or make reference to a configured object.

Example of Serial Numbers

Company X manufactures solar collectors (panels). They produce three different types:

 Type A

 Type B

 Type C

A material master record exists in Company X’s system for each type. For quality control reasons the company wants to know for each solar collector delivery which customer has received which type of solar collector, and which serial number(s) of the collector type was/were delivered to the customer.

For this purpose, each solar collector that is produced is assigned a serial number that, together with the material number, uniquely defines it.

In addition, company X wants to maintain and repair particular solar collectors that it sells directly to individual customers. For this reason, an equipment history is to be maintained for the collectors. Company X is able to do this by creating equipment master records for these serialized solar collectors.



 You can use the history of the serial number master record to ascertain which procedures have affected the serial number. You can find all documents that have been created for the serial number here:

 Production and refurbishment order

 Maintenance and service notification

 Maintenance and service order

 Sales order

 Delivery

 Inspection lot

 Goods document

 Maintenance plan

 Maintenance contract

Status Management


Serial number processing is linked to status management. There are two different types of status:

 System status

System statuses are set when you execute a particular function for the serial number. For example, you post a goods receipt in the warehouse and set the status In warehouse by doing this.

User status

User statuses enable you to further delimit functions allowed for a serial number on the basis of a system status. You can assign and delete user statuses yourself if you have the authorization to do this.

Copying the Partner into the Serial Number :-


Within the framework of a delivery, partner data is automatically transferred from the delivery note into the master record of the serial number when goods issues are posted.


You have set the indicator Copy Partner in Customizing for Plant Maintenance and Customer Service under Plant Maintenance and Customer Service ® Master Data in Plant Maintenance and Customer Service ® Basic Settings ® Partner Data ® Copy Partner Functions to Master and Transaction Data.

 Furthermore, you have assigned the partner determination procedure and the corresponding functions to the equipment category under Technical Objects ® Equipment ® Assign Equipment to Partner Determination Procedure.


 The system copies the partner data from the delivery note into the serial number master record.

 If partner data has already been specified in the serial number master record, this data is overwritten with the data from the delivery note. However, the system only overwrites partner data for which the indicator has been set in Customizing.

Creating Master Records for Serial Numbers:


You are able to create directly master records for serial numbers during the assignment of serial numbers for various business procedures, if the serial number profile allows this.

In addition, you can create master records for serial numbers in advance. This would make sense if you want to have a particular quantity of numbers in the system, that you can assign during a business procedure. in particular, this is the case when you are using serial number profiles that require serial numbers to already exist for certain business procedures.


You have two options for creating serial number master records for a material in advance:

 You create an individual serial number for a piece of material.

You use this option, for example, if in make-to-order production you manufacture one item per day.

 You create several serial numbers simultaneously for a piece of material.

You use this option, for example, if in repetitive manufacturing you manufacture several items per day.

You can also create serial number master records if no serial number profile is entered in the material master record. However, use in business procedures is only possible if the serial number profile has been entered in the material master record.

Working with Serial Numbers in Deliveries:

Maintaining Master Data for Serial Numbers in Shipping

Assigning Serial Numbers in Deliveries

Deleting Serial Numbers from Deliveries

Creating Equipment in Deliveries

Some points of interest with serial numbers:-

-You can assign a unique serial number to each material. This allows you to monitor goods movement for individual materials, for example, when selling materials to a customer. Using serial numbers you can also manage the maintenance of individual materials more easily in the system. You must first create equipment master records, however, for these materials.

-To use serial numbers, enter serial number profiles in the master record for the relevant materials.

-Serial numbers are usually specified in the delivery item. However, you can also define them in the order.

-You can also have the serial numbers assigned automatically by the system.

-You must specify all serial numbers, at the latest, before posting goods issue.

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What is WBS element?:-

A structural element in a work breakdown structure representing the hierarchical organization of a project. A WBS element describes a task or a partial task that can be divided.

Here's a <a href="">logical example</a> pertaining to it's 'role'.

Hope this helps

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<b>1-) I can not deliver sales orders because it requires serial numbers.

Can anybody tell me how to cancel asking serial numbers?</b>

In Material Master, make Serial Number Profile blank. This should be either in sales or MRP tab pages in highest possibility.

<b>2-)If it is not available how can I create serial numbers?

I created serial numbers by trcode IQ01 but again I can not deliver sales order.</b>

In test server, you can create in T.Code: MB1c, but it should not be created through MB1C in Production Server. Consult an PP Consultant for help.


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