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serial number material in a serial number finished good tracability

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I have a problem with the serial number management. I should have a production order with a serial number finished good. To produce it, i use a serial number material. When I would confirm the production operation I consume this material with the application MIGO to specify the serials numbers of the material. There are 5 numbers because I use 5 material for product 5 finisheds goods. 

After I do the entry of finished good in stock with the application  "post goods receipt for production order". The 5 finished good appear in stock with his serials numbers. 

I would like to know how see which serial number material is in which serial number finished good for traceability. I should see one material serial number link with one finished good serial number. How i do to obtain that.


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In S/4HANA Cloud we have the app Serial Number History  ('F7368')/S32 ) for checking all of the business documents that contain a specific serial number and access those business documents to see the details. As an inventory manager, you can use this app to locate a missing item or to track down where possible inconsistencies occurred.


The other Apps for serial numbers are

Display Material Serial Number - IQ03
Manage Material Serial Numbers


In the app Display Material Serial Number you can see Serial Number History as well

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Thak you for your answer. I have already use the app serial number history. I could see the document of good receipt. 


My finished good are juste one raw materail to make it. For the product order 1000307, i use a raw material serialised. I could see the good issue when i look for the serial number, but i couldn't see in which finished good the raw material has used. 


How i do to obtain the traceability?