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Serial Number issue

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I have never worked in the module QM before. Today a client had an issue (post-upgrade) about the serial number not being displayed in stock movement.

More details:

Transaction QA32, I put my material number and execute

I select the required line and click Usage Decision

Previously, the stock location was MMMK.

I now change it to MMAT and put 1 in the field to be posted (to unrestricted use)

I put A0 for the UD code and save.

Now I check the stock overview in the transaction MMBE:

Select the line MMAT and choose Material Movements

I double-click on the required line to display the material document

The problem is here. In the tab Serial Numbers, the Serial Number is empty.

In the previous system (before upgrade), it was like that:

I'm having trouble to find where is the link between the Serial Number and Stock Movement.

I hope I am clear enough for some of you to understand. Don't hesitate to ask questions if you have.

Grateful if someone could shed some light on this issue so that I know towards what direction I should continue my analysis.

Thank you

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You should check the material document that generated this inspection lot, whether it contains serial number or not? If original GR document does not contain any serial number, you can not post the same through QM with serial number!!

But if GR document contains it, and it is not picked in 321 movement hopefully there should be some configuration setting missing in serial number profile. You should set setting in serial number profile to mandatory from optional for posting through QM. It would take effect from next lot.


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Thank you for your reply.

I've searched, but cannot find where to check the material document that generated this inspection lot.

Also, where to check the configuration of serial number profile?


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Hi, you can check this original document in QA32 itself. Could you refer 3rd column (Mat.Doc) in 2nd screen shot that you have provided. You can however refer QAMB table also! The logic is - GR document (101 movement in most cases) should contain serial number then only it flows to QM lot and then you can post it from QM using serial numbers.

If this document does not contain any serial number then there is no issue as you have received the lot without serial number.

But if that contains serial number and it did not get captured in 321 movement then check below path,

  1. Check which serial number profile is assigned to material master in work scheduling view-MM03
  2. Go to OIS2 transaction code
  3. Select the appropriate serial number procedure and double click on serializing procedure
  4. Check QMSL procedure there. Against it if serial number usage is maintained as 02 i.e optional;change it to 03 obligatory
  5. This will ensure that every stock posting that you do through QM will contain serial number. Prerequisite is the original document must contain it.
  6. These changes it will take effect from next lot.
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I did all those steps, but still not working.