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Serial Number Handling in SAP Quality Management

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Dear All,

Material is having serial number profile activated. In inspection set up (say for insp type "04"), serial no. recording is checked. On GR posting for 2 nos., 2 serial numbers are generated. For this there is generation of inspection Lot. I want result recording as per serial number. and also stock posting as per serial number.

But in RR i am getting only option to put result for whole lot not for serial number.

I want serial wise result recording.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Set you MICS up for "individual results" recording in the control indicators.


1) in the material master on the inspection type click on 100% inspection.


2) set the Mics to require a sampling procedure. Then in the inspection plan for the MIC add in a sampling procedure that requires 100% inspection.



Its working now. I forgot to assign Sampling Procedure(100%) in plan.

Thank you very much sir for your valuable input.

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