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Serial Number creation in SD

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Hi all,

I am facing the issues in SAP SD regarding the serial number.

The scenario is my client wants the serial number to be created at the time of sales order itself.

I assigned the serial number profile into the material master.

In sales order i selected the material and created the serial number automatically.When i am saving the sales order it throws an error like "Number range does not exist for Equipment"..**

I checked in the t.code OIS2 - ser.profile- 0002, i selected and given the priority of serial number to SDCC (03) rest all are 02 only.Equipment requirement is "01" without Eq Re selected.

Suggest me if you have idea on settings related to serial number creation in sales order. My project also involves PP and PM module but they are not creating Serial number.

I checked in the t.code OIEN for number ranges groups, it shows the it show number range groups and equipment. I am not familiar with this equipment so i left it.



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Use the Procedure :SDAU- Serial Number in Sales order, in serial number profile - maintian SerUsage(03)&,

equipment number ranges will be maintained in PM, check with PM cons.

as am also using the same in my current proj, but am using in Delivery creation level. not in sales order level. for your case, you can maintian the same in SDAU- procedure , rather than SDCC-

check n revert

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Thanks SAP Student, As per ur suggestion changed the serial number profile (SDAU) and eq.usage(01),

After creating the serial number automatically in sales order, at the time of saving the sales order it asking again the same error "Number range doesnot exits for Equipment".

My Plant maintanence consultant says he was using the external number range for the equipment. He has not done anything for internal number range.

Can anyone suggest me how it is related with equipment and how to go ahead.