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Serial no tracking in Production order/ MFBF of subassemblies into creation of finished parts

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Hi PP gurus,

I have created a scenario where serial no profile is applicable to both final assembly and sub assembly.

When I doing GR for final assembly how can I enter sub-assembly with specific serial number (or track it further which serial nu was used to creat certain serial number assembly) , please guide.

I have tried serial no profile for both repetitive and discrete scenario.

I tried using MMSL profile as well in combination of PPAU/PPSF but when I go for production booking I get error " Only 0 serial numbers entered instead of 1" where can I put serial number for compnent for Goods issue.

I searched many threads but couldnt get the solution.





In MTS -> REM process you cannot assign child components with serial number and header with serial number either one alone system can handle.

In MTO -> Production order will handle child part serial number and header part serial numbers but both these can be done only in MIGO.

1.You need to proceed with goods issues for child components along with serial number for 261 movement.

2.You need to post goods receipt for header items for 101 movement for header.

Do let know for queries.

Regards - Vignesh V

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I have used MMSL only in serial no profile and for one SFG created serial no when 101 is done for that using MIGO for order, now when I am consuming same product in its FG using 261 I am not able add that serial number cause its coming as below

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Hi harshal.chaudhari

Can you share the screen shots of the header material + serial number profile assigned[work scheduling view] & child components with serial number[work scheduling view]profile assgined.?

During CO11N confirmation system will pop up saying the components mapped with serial number cannot be posted.Are you getting that message?

Please check and revert.

Vignesh V