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sequencial capacity/production planning

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Dear All,

i am working with a printing industry.They use different color inks for printing.Now the client want to plan the production in such a way that the cleaning time of machine will be reduced,so they want same color jobs in sequence.How to map this scenario in sap.Is there anything like sequencing in sap?

Please Help .......Ergent....



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Prashant

I think u can try Mass processing of Prodn orders.Orders which are having same operations and same components.Still lets wait for some other answers.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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this is very good scenario. i can say, this is where all technical and fucntional knowledge need to be applied.

in ur scenario, are u considering cleaning time of 1st order, in teh set up time of the other order (color)

can you Please read set up matrix theory in help file.

it can guide you in that.

since even if you use the capacity planning u wont be able to differentiate the colors

do u have different orders types for different order (if yes, then you can menage to some extent)

i think max chance in SAP r.3 is , SET UP MATRX explore that, it should help u much... not competely.

in APO there are options to have there are lot of chance to write the programming logic for sequencing of the orders, with the help of algoritham.


Pravin Mukkawar