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SEQNR in IT0000

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We have ended up with value '001' for SEQNR in IT0000 for couple of hundred employees after conversion.

Is SEQNR ield ever populated in IT0000?

Is it safe to clear the SEQNR field directly in the table through a program?

Please update if anyone has ever encountered this situatation?

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Hi Sharath,

SAP do not allow storing two infotypes of Time Constraint 1 with the same subtype on the same day, because it would be mean the delimitation date for both will be the same, in which case first Infotype would be overwritten by the latter one.

But if for any reason two actions are run on same day then SAP has to store this info. To handle this situation SAP created u201CAdditional Actionsu201D (Infotype 0302) to capture these additional/multiple actions on same day. This infotype cannot be maintained directly, but it is located for viewing at the bottom of the Actions infotype (0000).


The table PA0302 stores the additional actions records. For any 2 actions on the same day this table will have 2 entries differentiated by SEQNR field. for the first rec seqnr is 000 and for second it will be 001 and so on.

So, Can you please see if this SEQNR displayed as 001 is part of IT0302 display?

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