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Seperate number range for Goods receipt

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Dear All,

My client have a requirement that a seperate material document number range have to be generated when a goods receipt have been done with reference to the purchase order.

Basically this requirement is for CAPEX purchase order only. Can it be possible to do the same or else suggest me any alternate solution to fulfill the requirement.

Thanks in advance.


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Answers (4)

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ok, thanks

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Hi, Sandeep and JYOTHULA,

just want to confirm, as sandeep have given good steps,

if we creat new doc type by copy of WE in OBF4, we can assign new number range for this, but when we make GR, how system find out which doc. type to be follow whethr WE or new which we copy from WE.



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Follow the steps

1 go to OBF4 and create a new document type by copying WE

2 assign Number range in FBN1

3 In OMBA assign the document type to MB01

4 SPRO-Financial accounting New-Business Transactions-Document splitting-Classigy document type for Document splitting Here assign the Business transaction and business transaction variant

Now try to perform GR via tcode MB01 for capex PO,I have not simulated the scenario here ,Try it out it should work



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no..its not possible

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This can be doing using a User Exit.- Their is no Std User Exit

Maintain a Z Table with the combination of PO Doc type and Number range

So once before posting the doc wrt to Captial PO and GR doc type system will pick up seprate Number Range.

Niti Narayan