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Self Service Procurement - Shopping Cart Workflow

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Hi All,

We recently turned on the LOG_MM_SSP_1 Switch in EHP6 which allows us to setup the Self Service Procurement Shopping Cart in ECC.  For the most part, the configuration under Materials Management -> Purchasing -> Shopping Cart is straight forward.  However, we have been stumbling on the Business Process Configuration (which uses BRF).

According the SPRO's documentation for "Define Rulesets for Document Subset Determination," you can define a specfic value level that will require approval.  Below is the exact example that is provided with the documentation. 

"You define that items valued below 100 USD are approved automatically while items valued at 100 USD or more enter an n-step approval process. You create a ruleset that checks the value of each item and returns the corresponding document subset name. For example, you can define the following document subset names:      NO_APPROVAL for items valued below 100 USD,  APPROVAL_REQUIRED for items valued at 100 USD or more"

We would like to setup the type of approval process, where anything under 100 USD would not require an approval.  However, our workflow seems to error under the ParForEach Decision Set step within Workflow template WS46000015.  This is odd to me because if we have a shopping cart below 100 USD, I would not expect the workflow to try to determine the Decision Step (which is as separate BRF configuration).  I have the feeling something is not correctly defined in the BRF. 

Attached are the steps that we followed to setup this ruleset in the BRF.  Can anyone help me get this workflow to work as designed?  Thanks.


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Dear John,

Looks like there are some missing customization settings for your workflow.

There should be entries in the database table /SRMERP/C_WF_W.

Please check if 2 entries are maintained for ERP eProcurement workflow in this table.

Please refer to the note number 1781131 and maintain it correctly.

Additionally, your event type linkages should be correctly maintained as well. Please refer to the note 1857441 and make the necessary changes.

Thanks and Regards,