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Selection Version for SD Info structure (MCMI)

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Dear All

We have created a new info structure as S508 (for sales and distribution) by copying another info structure S510. S509 is live in production now. There are many selection versions (around 500) used in S510.

The selection versions in SIS enable you to save the data of a standard analysis or to predefine your view of the data. You can already predefine the standard drilldown for the standard analysis in the selection version, as well as the key figures that are to be displayed. This means that you can predefine your view of the standard analysis. You can therefore specify different views of an information structure.

My requirement is we want to create similar selection versions for S509 (the new one) as we have in S510. Since they are huge in number I want to know whether there is any way by which I can copy the existing one for S510 and create a new for S509.

I already tried transaction code MCM1. With this transaction we can create /copy selection version but for the same info structure. My requirement is to selection version of S510 should be copied to S509 info structure.

Please help me if anybody has any information in this regards.

Thanks in advance.

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