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selecting a pm order in a report according to user status

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we are creating a report in which we need to select PM orders according to several parameters, one of which is a specific User Status.

I see that there are many tables containing statuses, like TJ20, TJ30, and plenty of others but I cannot find a reference field to connect the user status to the PM order.

meaning: TJ30T for instance has a field TXT04 which contains the user status but, no field for the PM order.

how can I connect a specific order to a table containing user status?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Most of the PM orders have the reference object no (OBJNR) in the std tables..

Use this OBJNR and search in table JEST for all the status available for the PM order..

You can also search TJ02T and TJ30T for the texts/descriptions for the status..

Hope this helps you



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