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Segmented account code in DIAPI

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I have developed an addon for SBO 2004B.

My addon is failing after we applied patch 40.

This failure occures in some places where i use DIPAI and try to pass account code information.


I am synchronising item master information between 2 databases.

When i try to create a new item in item master in current logged in company, i also create the item in the other company using DIAPI. While doing that, i pick up the ExpenseAccount property in Inventory tab->warehouse information and call oSBO.GetObjectKeyBySingleValue(oChartOfAccounts, "FormatCode", Replace(sAcctCd, "-", ""), bqc_Equal) function to get the SAP string for the segmented account and pass it to DIAPI.

Before patch 40 it was working fine.

But now i see that the account code which i pick up from the form field is already in SAP string format(_SYS****)

hence when i call function GetObjectKeyBySingleValue, the account code cannot be found.This causes my function to fail.

My problem is how to know which form field return account codes in SAP string format and which ones return the segmented a/c code.

Any one having similar problem?

Any solutions?

Please help.


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Hi Satish,

By default SBO works with the "account codes in SAP string format" (_SYS****). You should use this where ever you can (it's much easer than trying to resolve the segemented account code - which is really only for displaying purposes).

Hope this clarifies the situation a bit...