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seconday wage types in payroll processing

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Can some explain the role of seconday wage types in payroll processing in detail.


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Answers (3)

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Hi Tinku,

As Sikindar mentioned, there are two categories of wage types

Primary Wage Types

Secondary Wage Types

Primary wage types include:

Dialog Wage Types: That we enter online. for ex: in IT 0008, 0014, 0015 etc

Time wage Types: system forms using time information or that we enter online Ex: employeesu2019 time data to determine the hourly wages and bonuses for overtime, work on a public holiday, and night work

Secondary Wage Types:

A technical wage type generated by the system in Payroll during the payroll run

We do not enter secondary wage types on-line

Technical name of a secondary wage type always starts with the character (/), for ex: /101

Secondary wage types usually u2018cumulateu2019 several wage types or temporarily store interim results

Ex: Secondary wage type u2018/101u2019 is created during the payroll run and is used to cumulate all of the wage types that belong to the employees total gross amount

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Go to PU30 or OH11

three types technical , secondary which starts with alphabatic and third customer which we copy it from secondary wage types

so wht else u want apart from these

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