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Search Help Parameter-field assignments


Hi SAP Community,

I'm working on a very specific custom development where I have to enrich an existing custom Search Help called "ZPDPO_SHLP_COMMERCIAL".

I added the Search Help Param. DOC_TYPE in IMPORT with Data Element ESART.

Next, I have to go on structure "/EBY/PDPO_SHDR_IF" and perform "activate stick" to make an update for my development.

This action make changes in table DD36S. Before modifications, I have four entries where I can find the Assignment table and the Binding Field. These entries are correctly configured. After my modification, I have my fifth entry for the new Search Help Parameter DOC_TYPE but the assignment type is G. I'm don't know how I have to procede to get my entry as like the others.

=> 1 :: Add Search Help Parameter + Save + Activate

=> 2 :: Activate Structure /EBY/PDPO_SHDR_IF even if it already activated

=> 3 :: Running SE16N on DD36S will show our last Search Help Parameter DOC_TYPE without assignments.

How can I set parameter-field assignments for search helps in standard way ?

Thanks a lot for your help. I last more of 2 days on that subject.

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Kindly Regards,


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Hi SAP Community,

We finally found how to make parameter-field assignments for search help.

This is these steps which update the two field 'Assignment Table' and 'Binding Field' in table DD36S :

First we will use technical informations to find the Search Help :

  1. Press F1 when field is focused
  2. Click on "Hammer & Wrench" button
  3. Double click on "Field Name"

To jump on field in the root structure, double click on "Field Name".

To find exactly in which structure field is defined, click on "Hierarchy" :

In the new opened mode, use binoculars button to search for field :

In a new mode, run the transaction SE11 and clic on change (2) for Data Type 'ZPDPO_SHDR_DATA' (1) :

Select your field (1) and then go in tab "Input/Help Check" (2). Then click on button 'Search Help' (3) :

The popup "Display Search Help Binding" will open. We can saw that our parameter field DOC_TYPE has no assignments datas :

After setting the two empty fields with the right values, apply and enabling the strucutre, when we refresh our SE16N filter on DD36S, we can validate that our parameter-field assignment is now effective !

I hope this feedback will help some other people.

Kindly Regards,

Nicolas D.