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SE/SW Cad Integration -- File Names

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Hello All,

Just wanted to make sure in Solid Edge/Solid Work --SAP Integration that we for a Drawing and the Part from which views are generated there is no problem to keep file/original name unique (different). For example Part with file name Bracket.par (DIR 100085/sep/000/00) and its Drawing with file name Drawing_Bracket.dft (DIR100086/sed/000/00). The file names are different as you can see.

I create my file names by registering documents: "DokNr_DokDesc" hence they would be different.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Thats abs right.

in system preferences > register doc

what u set here will take the name for hard disk.

actually it should take DocumentNumber_descrip.par

and likewise

even if u dont do this, it ok..


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