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SDK work or formatted search

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Hey All.

I was wondering if anyone has ever completed something like the following:

<i>We want to require authorization to charge to a BP account when the BP is past 30 (or perhaps 60) days - i.e. can the BP account be locked to unauthorized users when they're below their credit limit, but overdue?</i>

Can this be accomplished with a formatted search or does this require SDK coding?

Any examples, tips would be appreciated as I am pretty new at formatted searches.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You can limit the number of results found. Set a formatted search on the BP field, and query only the users that are not over due.

The only problem, although the over due BP are not listed, they can be filled in manually. So if you want to prevent that, you shoud use the DI-API.

I think best is to use a formatted search to select the BP, but do a check when submitting the form, to see if the BP is overdue.

This is for all users, authorisation isn't possible by formatted searches, you'll always need the DI-API...

Hope it helps...

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