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SDK Wishlist

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Thought we might have a Wishlist in here where we can post your wishes for the SDK.

I know this is not the proper channels, but since the DRQ-department is too busy to handle all DRQ's lets get the word out here.

My Wishlist (Based on SBO2005A)

01 - Better performance

02 - Modal Forms

03 - Matrix Sorting

04 - Matrix Sum Columns

05 - Unified event for navigation system forms (et_RecordChanged)

06 - DI Access to UDO-data

07 - Better access to print (DI+UI)

08 - A way to implement "Define New" in Comboboxes

09 - Grid - Datatables using SQL: ALIAS

10 - Access to Document Textlines type

11 - LinkedButtons to UDO's

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Answers (1)

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I subscribe to the above...

Overall point is to give the SDK the same functionality and integration as built in BO functionality. (For instance make UDO's more interchangeble with built in objects)

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I want to add Printing as a major wish. The ability to integrate with the print layout designer.

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- a unified BeforeUpdate(oldValue,newValue) - Event for each control in the UI

(with the chance to bubbleevent=false in the beforeaction)