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SDK Licensing Question

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I have a question in regards to licensing of a SAP SDK project.

I have tried to find out as much as possible. Have looked here

But this is incomplete....

Our company has purchased a license for the SDK. I use this to develop various components and addons for our SAP B1 System.

I have created a C# Console application which allows for attaching images, documents, whatever to an item in SAP B1 9.2x.

Its a very simple project, you specify a file and it loads these records into the Item Master Attachment section.

My question is this.

Can I make this project available to anyone to use on say Github?

Are there any restrictions on Re-distributing an SAP Business One SDK, or its DLL file with a Project?

Just looking at what feedback I might get from people, and how open sourcing a simple C# console application might go.

The reason is this particular function is not available via DTW. I wrote the program from scratch, so it might us useful to someone else



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Brendan,

Making your code available on GitHub should be no problem, considering that anyone who wants to develop your code further, needs their own SDK license, and anyone who wants to use your application per definition has a SAP Business One installation, and thus licenses. Former Member for example has published his code for free right here on SCN, and I remember there was another developer only a couple of years ago who did the same.

You should of course realize, and remind people who want to use your code, that SAP's support of this code will be extremely limited.

Selling your application is another matter though. In that case SAP requires you to be an accredited SAP Business One Parther / Reseller. This can be "circumvented" by making a deal with an established SAP Partner.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Johan,

Thanks for the response. Goods points all round.
I will just update some notes about project and what support (none) I will offer