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SD report by Customer, revenue and material

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SD Experts,

I want to run a report that gives me customer #, materials sold to customer, billing date, invoice #, basically a complete analysis where i can analyze teh customer's history and what they have purchased from us, all domestic and export materials for a given period. You help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Frank,

There are four options to fulfill your requirements:

1. VF05N: This is a SAP standard report which give al lthe details you want, except for the material code.

2. LIS / SIS: There are few SIS reports likew MC+E & others which can give the details you require. You can also define new infosets to match your requirements, if the available SIS reports are not sufficient.

3. ABAP Query: Generate a ABAP query with T-Code SQ00 where you can link tables VBRK & VBRP to get Customer-wise, Invoice-wise, material-wise Sales figures over a period of time.

4. Z-Report: If your requirement is not satisfied with all the above three options, you can go for new Z-reports which would developed by ABAPer based on your requirements.

Hope this helps.. .


Jignesh Mehta

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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hello, friend.

if you have activated SIS, then there are several reports you can use such as MCTA.

in addition, you can design your own query with tcode SQVI using table VBRK (billing document header) and VBRP (billing document items). The table VBRP alone will provide all the data you require.


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Hi Frank

check the standard reports

VC/2 sales summary

MCTA Customer Analysis

MCTC Material Analysis

MCTE Sales Org Analysis

But i suppose for your requirement you dont have any standard report , just run the standard reports which are given above and use the key feilds and key characteristics after seeing those data and then generate a new infostructure with the help of LIS