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SD PRICE LIST Serial Numbers

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SAP : ECC6.0


Vertical : Chemicals

in Standard

We have Product --> Pack --> Region wise --> Customer wise (optional) Price list.





Complications : Price list can vary frequently Period to period (season) Area by Area (may be state)

Aprox. 5000 pricelists for 70 prod with 50 packs across the org.


1. How to define Pricing policy ?

2. How to Running price list number for different products

3. Is pack wise price list for all products is a good practice ?

4. Any specific links which explain the details

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Answers (2)

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As always when doing the Business Blueprint for SAP SD Price Determination, the main objective is to minimize the number of conditions introduced in the system, so they are not duplicated and their maintenance is easy.

I suggest you study all the available options in the customer master data (sales area) and the material master area (sales data).

Price list, material group, discount group, etc.

You also might want to check how your customers are defined.

Through a correct definition of sold-to & ship-to customers you can define sales conditions only for sold-to party that will apply to all Ship-to customers that share the same "comercial" customer: The sold-to party.

When selling to large groups of distributors, you might want to define a customer hierarchy and base pricing on this hierarchy so one discount will apply to several Sold-to party.

Complications : Price list can vary frequently Period to period (season)

That's tricky. You might want to define the "Season" field somehow in the Sales Order, so you know that price determination is taking place for "High Season" or "Low Season" to put an example.

I find somehow strange that you are considering the "Season" concept for Chemicals.

What is the exact Business? Painting, Medicine?

Best Regards

Franck Lumpe

Freelance SAP Logistics Consultant

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Thanks for your reply Franck Lumpe

Ours is : Chemicals for pesticides --> Prices changes season to Season. as the consumption vary place to place and state to state and even crop to crop.

We know it is trick as we will not have comfortable way to do in SAP. so checking with you

thanks again Franck Lumpe

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So you don't have a "Season" concept like in AFS or Retail (Textil Business).

The only point is that the prices change a lot.


Make sure new prices / discounts are managed swiftly through your organization !

Minimize number of conditions to be maintained / Avoid duplications.

Keep pricing procedure simple.

I fear there is no magical solution here.



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1. You have mentioned that the prices vary frequently. To solve this problem, you have to update the pricing condition records whenever you change the prices.

2. Prices changes Area to Area. For this you have to keep Area (State) as one of the fields in one of the access sequences. If PR00 is your Condition type for price. You have create a access sequence say ZCHE; in this access sequence give first access as customer + material combination, second access as state + material, third access as only material. Maintain the condition records for the same.

3. Volume of Pricing entries: If you are not able to maintain prices for each customer; group the customers based on some criteria like A group customer, B group customer, C group customer etc. Create one access (Customer group + Material) for this and keep this access in between one and two of ZCHE. This will reduce the number of entries considerably.

4. Pricing Policy: I am not getting exactly what you have mentioned. The policy may be like this. Give maximum discount (30%) to Customer + Material combination, Then 20-25% on Customer Group + material combination (prices are varied according the group the customer he belongs); 15% discount on Area + Material combination. 5 % discount on material.

5. Pricelist numbers: You can analyze the prices (Pricing Report) what we have maintained for materials under transaction code V/LD. We are not maintaining any price list number. We are creating condition record based on access sequences.

6. If you are having different prices for different packing, it is better to keep the prices according to the packs.

Hope the information is useful to you.


K Bharathi