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Dear SAP,

i am getting a problem while doing the packing. after packing , the packing material is appearing as bactch (item no -90001) under picking tab of delivery for picking. here the packing material is asking for storage location.

system automatically not recognizing thestorage loaction.

plz help me out.

thanks in advance



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Answers (2)

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Dear Siva,

-->You check the material master record of that packing material, Item category should be maintain as VERP.

-->Check the material type also it should be VERP,then only the system will know this is packing material so it will not treated as sub item

Note:- If that is returnable package you need to treat as item then you need to enter storage location for that in the delivery.

I hope it will help you,



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Hi! Sekar,

first in the material master record of the packaging material, check which packaging material group the material belongs to.

Next, use t.code VHAR, from the list double click the packaging material group (actually its called the packaging material type)

In the resulting screen, for the field 'Plant determination' - use any other entry other than manually entering the plant.

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