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SD Number Ranges

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Hi all,

Can any one please tell me that which number ranges we need to create during SD configurations? I mean for what documents we need to create number ranges in SD?

I know following documents:

Sales Document

Delivery Document

Billing Document

Financial Document

Please add if i miss any document. Also please tell me the path in SPRO where I can initiate these number ranges.

Best Regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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goto VN01 and create the number ranges and assign them in VOV8 for your doctypes

sales and for billing in VOFA

for deliveries assign the number ranges in OVLK

For accountiong you have to create in "FBN1"

Try to find the answers for your query by searching in the forum using the SEARCH option.

I am confident that you will be getting a lot of resources and answers and even more replies

which will already helped in solving the issue and also definitely they will give you broad understanding of the topic.

And also check the WIKI section of this forum there are valuable notes, configurations,etc.

check this link for wiki section.



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Answers (5)

Answers (5)

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Go to VN01 and create number ranges as per the clients requirements for Sales order, Delivery, Billing, Excise Invoice and Accouting.

The Accounting number ranges would be maintained from FI side.

Also see to it whether you want to Maintian external or internal number ranges.

Then finally assign the number ranges to the respective Document type.



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Thank you all.

Really helpful,


Shahzad Khero

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Shazad ,

You need to create number ranges for the following documents, if you are using TAX then number ranges for excise documents has to be maintained too.

Sales Documents

Delivery Documents

PGI Documents

Billing Documents

Excise Documents pertaining to SD for exports and domestic (SNUM - you have to define object)



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Hi Friend,

You have to create number ranges for all the sales docs (Inquiry, quotation, Sales order etc..), delivery docs..and also for billing docs.. first you ask the client which number range they want and use the same number range.

I think number ranges for accounting docs is done by FI people.

I hope this will help you.


Ashok S

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Apart from what you have indicated, most importantly Excise Invoice number range for SD documents (if the client is in India). Of course, number ranges for Financial Document will have to be created by FI people.


G. Lakshmipathi