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SD invoice - post on vendor account

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This is the situation I am currently facing:

We need to create an SD invoice which has both positive (normal sales) and negative (returns) line items.

The problem is we need to post the positive items on the customer account and the negative ones on the vendor account. This has to happen when the customer is also a vendor for our organization.

How can this be done, without going into MM documents, so only in SD ?

Thankyou in advance,


Edited by: Cosmin Bolohan on Jul 21, 2010 2:32 PM

Edited by: Cosmin Bolohan on Jul 21, 2010 2:32 PM

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Answers (2)

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If you are creating with reference to SO, then create 2 material, 2 different item cat-and 2-account assignment cat..

Enter these two material with positive and negative values- config. Pass this data to diff. G/L accounts

Check with FI resources


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Not very clear about the requirement. Are you saying that both positive and negative amount line items will be there in one invoice? If yes, then I am not sure if FI will ever allow.

But, if that is not the case, then, I think you can create Debit memo for Positive postings and Credit Memos for negative postings. For both you can use the same customer number. If you require to use your vendor number to create any SD document, it might not be possible.

I just put in the above explanation based on the understanding that I had from your description. Please post what exactly you require and may be we can think of a way.


Mukund S

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Hello Mukund,

The situation in more detail:

Company A and company B have several business transactions between eachother (A sells to B and B sells to A - we are talking about small transactions, no goods/deliveries/inventory). At the end of the month, these transactions have to go into SAP (they are kept daily in excel), ideally on one sales order, from A to B.

On this sales order, there will be all the transactions (both A to B and B to A). A to B will be positive (normal sales), while B to A will be negative (like in a return order). In this situation, the requirement is that the transactions from A to B are posted on B's customer account, while the transactions from B to A are posted on B's vendor account.

All this should be accomplished without creating purchase orders for the transactions from B to A (this would've been the "easy" way for me).

Hope this helps, please tell me if you need further information.



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Hi Cosmin,

It is a very tricky senario. I am really not sure if the above said result can be achieved in one sales order itself unless you have some significant abap development.

I was thinking of intercompany billing sinario here. Can you just give a try on this. It may work for you.

a. You create two company codes A and B.

b. Create Plant A and B and assign them to the respective company codes.

c. Create customer B Company Code A. Plant B should be created as vendor as well.

d. Do the intercompany settings.

Once the setting is done, then,

a. create a sales order with all the line items from company A to company B and company B to company A in the same sales order. Let the plant for the line items from A to B be Plant A and Company B to company A be Plant B.

b. Create the billing document. The document will be released to FI. ---> Say Invoice1.

c. Create the intercompany invoice. Here, Plant B will be the customer who also becomes your vendor. The FI document gets created. RD04 should be triggered so that vendor posting happens thro' EDI.

At this point you need to have an abap development which will reverse all the entries for in FI document for Invoice1 where the supply is from Plant B.

If this can be done, then, I think the desired result can be achieved.

Hope this helps.


Mukund S

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Thankyou for your reply. I gave some thought before to the intercompany billing scenario, but it seemed to complicated at the time.

Nevertheless, I will give it a try an see how it works.

Thankyou for your help !

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I am speaking from an FI perspective, not too sure of the SD functionality.

If you can add a condition type on which a cost may be posted and include this cost to debit the customer with it. Then use an FI FB60 Invoice from a Vendor to debit the Sales order. (field status variant on the account must allow this)

Have a set-off between the customer and vendor which is done in their respective master data. Then apply set-off.

This is if you do not require to use a P.O. for a Vendor posting.

This might work.

Hope it helps