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SD- general issues

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I want to know the basics or meaning of the following terms in SAP terminology / language :

1.Line Items means

2.Archiving means

3.Retro billing

4.Sort key

5.User Exit , Customer Exit

6.Clear Payments, Down Payments

7. Customer Hierarchy

8.Posting key, Account key

9.Schedule line date , Delivery date

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Hi there,

From the kind of questions that you ask, it will be evident that you have learnt SAP & you are on job trails.

It is also evident that you have not done your preparation. Looks like you are making a note of questions that will be asked in interviews.

Frankly speaking, this is not the kind of preparation that is expected from you.

Posting threads like this you will make a note of 100 questions. Fine. But what if in the interview they ask a question which is not in your 100 question list? There is every chance that they will ask which is not there in your 100 questions list. You will come back & post it again?

There is lot of material available in SAP library. Pls go to link

Go there & click on Logistics. You will have entire information on SD. One cannot expect to learn SAP SD by posting threads.

Remember that if you practise only then you will become perfect on the system & screens & values in the screens.



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Hi there, you forgot to add some more to your list:

10) BAPI

11) BADI

12) Rebates, Credit/Debit memo

13) Product Hierarchy


15) ....

16) ...

and the list goes on.......

Have fun! SAP Enjoy!



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My Friend,

This is not the right way to put all your queries in a single thread...

If you want to get the explaination then kindly refer to the SAP Glossary wherein you can find the exact answers for whatever you want.