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sd fi integration

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Hey Sap Gurus can you let me know what are the variour areas where we have SD FI intigration.Some docs are invited at my id

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Archana,

Mail sent to your mail id . Please check.

Hope this helps you.

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can i have docs in same regard which sent to archana related to SD-FI Integration..

my mail id is

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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SD - FI integration

1. PGI - During PGI accounting documents are generated automatically. settinngs are MM part.

2.Billing - Accounting document posting to FI - Done using SD Account Determination

3.Credit management - Done by FI and SD

4.Tax determination

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FI-SD Integration: The integration is done in T-code VKOA

1. Sales Order Created

-No Entry-

2. PGI done (Goods issue)

Cost of Goods Sold Dr (Configured in OBYC GBB T-Key)

To Inventory Account

3. Billing document released to Accounting

Customer Account Dr.

To Sales Revenue Account (ERL T-key in Pricing procedure)

Note : The GL account is assigned to this ERL in VKOA

4. Payment Received

Bank Clearing A/c Dr

Customer A/c Cr.

Points to Know : Good to understand the pricing procedure and how the different transaction keys are used like ERL, ERS etc.