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My problem is: I am using the BAPI SD_DELIVERY_UPDATE_PICKING to update the quantity of items from a consignment that comes from an interface XI. For example: The amount registered this with 10, after, I run the BAPI with quantity 15. In the end, when I go back to view, is the amount of 25, or the quantities were added. Someone can help me?

Thank's a lot.

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Hi there,

What do you mean by "amount registered with this 10"?

BAPI will take the information coming from an external source file (XI document) & post it into the target source file (here your delivery). So the information which comes in the XI document has the quantity in it.

BAPI's are included in the function module which are scheduled to run in production systems. So when ever the function module is called, BAPI gets called automatically.

Why again do you need to run with 15? What are 10 & 15 here?

Pls clarify further what your requirement is.



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if have got the same problem. I try to explain it by an example: I have got a delivery with a delivery quantity of 10 pieces.I use the function module SD_DELIVERY_UPDATE_PICKING to set the picking quantity, lets say also 10 pieces. For any reason I have to change the picking quantity again, lets say to 5 pieces. When I use the FM SD_DELIVERY_UPDATE_PICKING to set the picking quantity again, I got 15 pieces, because the amounts are added together.Is there a way to supress this behaviour in the FM?



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