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SD_CUSTOMER_MAINTAIN_ALL creates customer but can't find in SAP

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Hello experts,

I'm trying to use BAPI  'SD_CUSTOMER_MAINTAIN_ALL' to create customer. I've filled it's I_KNA1, I_KNB1 and I_KNVV structures. In the Export Parameters

I've values in E_KUNNR = 1064,

O_KNA1 = Full with details (Refer to screen shot)

E_SD_CUST_1321_DONE = X.

Does this means my customer has been created  (1064) ? When I search it in KNA1 I don't see it neither through XD03. Please suggest.

Many thanks in advance.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Your customer is not actually created.

In the place where you are seeing the customer number, system is only showing you the data you have provided in the BAPI. In order to see the customer created in the system, you have to see the "Results" area. This area shows only 0 records, which means that the customers are not yet created.

After seeing these details, please execute the BAPI, and it will automatically give you the customer number saying that "Customer xxxxxxxxxx is created for the company code XXX.

It is only after this, you can see the customer in the system. If you need some help, you may have to get an ABAPer to execute the process

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