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SD- COPA integration

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Hi All,

can you please send me the material for the integration of SD with COPA

Thank you



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Sales & Operations Planning is integrated with Profitability Analysis. Thus, you have direct access to the quantities planned in CO-PA from Sales & Operations Planning.

The system needs to know the CO-PA field name and the CO-PA version in order to copy data from CO-PA. You can maintain a CO-PA field name for a product group in the master data of the product group’s master record. This establishes the link between the SOP product group and the desired CO-PA hierarchical level. If you carry out this function for a single material, the CO-PA field name is predefined and you cannot change it.

You can copy quantity key figures only.

If the plant of the material or product group is specified in CO-PA, it is this plant’s data that is copied. Otherwise, the system breaks down the quantities of the material or product group into plants using the settings made in the Customizing activity Define proportional distribution across plants.

To copy data from CO/PA in standard SOP:

Choose Edit ® Create sales plan ® Transfer CO-PA plan.

The Transfer Area dialog box appears.

Specify the number of the planning version within CO-PA, and the start and finish dates of the planning horizon for which you want to copy the data.

The CO-PA field name of a product group is maintained in the product group master record. It establishes the link between the SOP product group and the desired CO-PA hierarchical level.

To continue, choose ENTER .

The key figure values from CO-PA now appear in the planning table.

For more information on this method of creating sales plans in standard SOP

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