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SD: Change the Information Message to Error V1-406 Material Marked for Del

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How can we change or supress the infromation message, I am using the exit MV45AFZB already, but the information message is not suppressed.

I have tried to look for this on the forum, but I havent found the right answer.

Best regards,


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Answers (2)

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Hi Hameed,

You need to make the error has a Hard Error.

This would mean you need to change the current warning to an Error by taking the help of ABAPer.

Reward if it helps



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Hi Hamid

Why do you want to suppress or change this message? Business Requirment ??? - This Error message ensures that such of those Parts which are not to be used any further and have been marked for deletion are not forming part of Order management.

If you still want to, then remove the deletion indicator in the material master.

just for information - following SAP std programs check for validations of this requirement and you are not supposed to change this condition.





<b>The above 4 programs are meant for your (& forum members) information & all cautioned from tampering these std programs</b>.




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Hi Nandu,

Thanks for the response, I am sorry I could not convey my question properly, I dont have a problem with the message, It can remain like that, I need to send an error message, becuase the information message lets the user make the input.

The error message (That I have programed in the exit MV45AFZB) is displayed when already the system has shown the information message. I want that the user may not be able to go ahead if he has input a marked for deletion material and instead of an information messge I want to show an ERROR message.

Hope that I have now been able to communicate my question properly.

Best Regards,


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Hi Hamid--ask your Abap developer to make the message as an error

An example is given below - e209 = Error message 209

if this has been given as w209 it will be Warning message 209 (information)

<b>message e209(v2) with da_extdatum t001w-fabkl t001w-werks</b>.