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SD Certification

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Hi SAP gurus,

My name is Suresh. Iam MBA graduate. and do have 3 yrs of domain exp .

Then i got trained in SAP SD module. now iam practicing from almost 6 months. Right now iam not getting calls.

Now i want to do Certification on SD.

Since i do have enough knowledge in SD, can i able to pass the certification by having enough knowledge in SD . I want ur suggestions . Plz guide me.

and after certification, do th companies come forward to take SAP Certified.

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Before going to this spend hard money think twice. Our main aim is to Get job whatever course u r doing.

you have 3yrs domain experiance and 6months sap knowledge. Be try for Support and maintenance if possible try for development.

After getting any sap related job then try for certification having authorization letter of that company where sap implemented or which company is implementing partner of SAP.

Then it will be cost to u only Rs 30000/- and you will assure about ure feture that your monney is safe and time also.


If u r feeling suitable suggestion reward me.

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To register for SAP Certification, you should be working in a SAP Consulting Company for over a year, in that case you may not be required to undergo the SAP Course from SAP Academy.

In your case, you have 6 months experience of your own, but not with SAP Consulting company so you require to take up the SAP SD course from SAP Academy, if you want to take up certification.

SD certification is 25 day course for 5 days a week & 5 weeks. The first four weeks is training & last week is dummy project.

It is recommended to do the course from Genovate Solutions or Seimens (in India), as they are authorized training partner. The course fees is high, but let me assure you that it is worth investing, as you will have a good career path.

During the course, we require to work for extended hours & practise on the system. Earlier part Time was available, but not now, as SAP has maintained control of the training server, which is available only from Monday to Friday.

All the best & have a great SAP career through SAP Certification.


Rajesh Banka

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Dear Suresh,

As everybody in the post mentioned getting certtified will really help you.

I will suggest you to visit It will give you the overview of SAP SD module.

Moreover there is a separate section of FAQs with answers which will help you in great deal.

Do let me know in case of any queries.

Hope this helps you.

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Hi Suresh,

Please consider the following points

1) You have an advantage since you have worked in the SAP scenario for 6 mnths and also have a solid functional experience which will help you to make a switch from your current job..

2) An SAP Certification will definately help you since it is an additional qualification which may help you to get ur first job..

3) However the certification is purely theory based and you need to put in solid hours of effort in order to pass since the exam is tricky and also easy sometimes but with your efforts and hardwork you will pass,but be sure that you r in for the grind and be prepared to slog it out for one month remember there is only a full time course which is for 25 days and i guess its frm 9am to 5pm frm Monday to Friday...

4) As a matter of caution do not leave your current job since it takes some time to get placed once you do your certification.

5) I would also advice you to be in touch with people frm the SAP Industry and also have a word with your relatives if they are in the IT Industry, they can help you to attend interviews for sap, do this excercise now since it will reduce your time once you clear you exam, work backwards since if you are confident that you can clear the exam start to float your CV now only in the industry since once you clear certification then it will take some time for things to get started and move in a company.. importantly network with lots of guys..

6) Companies will prefer you, since you have the added advantage of having worked in a sap environment and also that you have given your certification but sometimes the requirement may very as per years of SAP experience some companies may want ppl having 2or3 yrs experience.. so you need to be patient and all the more reason that you should not leave your current job unless you have got a new one and also the cost of certification is very high so it will not be a liability on you if you carry on with your current job..

All the best do well and once you jump, jump fully do not look back you will be successfull with the hard work that you do..

Hope i have answered your question to the fullest...

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Atul Keshav

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hello, friend.

i believe you definitely can pass your certification exam. the following reasons why i believe you will pass are:

1. you were trained

2. you had exposure to SAP for at least 6 months

3. you must be smart to have gotten your MBA

to prepare for the exam, remember your practical usage, and at the same time read up on SAP SD in the SAP library. all questions (except solutions manager, unless later versions include this) come from the library. if you understand configuration and data relationships, then you have a big advantage.

worry about the job hunting later on. and then, post another thread.

just relax.

regards and good luck!

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Currently the industry is looking for the SAP professionals with 3+ years of SAP Functional / Technical Experience. Only those who got the Experience are getting calls.

Regarding the SD Certification you can definitely do it and it will be an added advantage always.

Search the SDN for the documentation and questions on the SD Certification.

All the best.