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SD and MM tables

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Pls provide SD and MM tables with description

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my email (thanks)

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Topic: Free ABAP eBook Download

SAP MM, SD, FI, PS, PP, PM, HR, System Tables


Rajesh Banka

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mail sent regarding sd and mm tables


prashanth goud

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KONAIND Index: Groups of Conditions/Header Record Conditions

KOND Conditions (Data)

KOND3 Conditions: Campaign Determination - Data Part

KONDD Material Substitution - Data Division

KONDDP Conditions: Additional Materials for Material Determination

KONDH Conditions: Batch Strategy - Data Division

KONDI Conditions: Data part for certificates

KONDIND General Document Index for Conditions

KONDN Conditions: Free goods - Data section

KONDNS Conditions: Free goods determination - scales

KONDP Conditions: Packing Object Data Section

KONDR Conditions: Derivation strategy - data part

KONDRPR Conditions: Derivation strategy - recipient item data

KONDRPS Conditions: Derivation strategy - sender item data

KONDV Conditions: Data part for certificates

KONH Conditions (Header)

KONM Conditions (1-Dimensional Quantity Scale)

KONP Conditions (Item)

KONV Conditions (Transaction Data)

KONW Conditions (1-Dimensional Value Scale)

KOTN900 LSI Free Goods Condition Table

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Please find some more apart from above:

Important Tables for SAP SD

Sales and Distribution:

Table Description

Customers KNA1 General Data

KNB1 Customer Master – Co. Code Data (payment method, reconciliation acct)

KNB4 Customer Payment History

KNB5 Customer Master – Dunning info

KNBK Customer Master Bank Data

KNKA Customer Master Credit Mgmt.

KNKK Customer Master Credit Control Area Data (credit limits)

KNVV Sales Area Data (terms, order probability)

KNVI Customer Master Tax Indicator

KNVP Partner Function key

KNVD Output type

KNVS Customer Master Ship Data

KLPA Customer/Vendor Link

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VBAK Sales Document: Header Data

VBAP Sales Document: Item Data

VBBE Sales Requirements: Individual Records

VBEH Schedule line history

VBEP Sales Document: Schedule Line Data

VBFA Sales Document Flow

VBLB Sales document: Release order data

VBLK SD Document: Delivery Note Header

VBPA Sales Document: Partner

VBRK Billing: Header Data

VBRP Billing: Item Data

VBUK Sales Document: Header Status and Administrative Data

VBUP Sales Document: Item Status

VEKP Handling Unit - Header Table

VEPO Packing: Handling Unit Item (Contents)

VEPVG Delivery Due Index

KONV Conditions for Transaction Data

KONP Conditions for Items

LIKP Delivery Header Data

LIPS Delivery: Item data

MM Tables:

MAKT Material Descriptions

MARA General Material Data

MARC Plant Data for Material

MARD Storage Location Data for Material

MAST Material to BOM Link

MBEW Material Valuation

MKPF Header- Material Document

MSEG Document Segment- Material

MVER Material Consumption

MVKE Sales Data for materials

RKPF Document Header- Reservation

T023 Mat. groups

T024 Purchasing Groups

T156 Movement Type

T157H Help Texts for Movement Types

MOFF Lists what views have not been created

A501 Plant/Material

EBAN Purchase Requisition

EBKN Purchase Requisition Account Assignment

EKAB Release Documentation

EKBE History per Purchasing Document