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I have to adjust main window and Footer window (for displaying totals in first page only).

Window sizes


MAIN 00 Main Window 0,00 MM 100,00 MM 355,00 MM 75,00 MM

FOOTER Footer Detail 0,00 MM 175,00 MM 355,00 MM 60,00 MM

HEADER Header Detail 0,00 MM 0,00 MM 355,00 MM 100,00 MM

PTOTAL TOTAL 0,00 MM 100,00 MM 100,00 MM 160,00 MM


Now i have to reduce the size of main window and i have to increase

the size of footer window.

If i want to reduce the Main window size where i have to change(Dont touch width it is neccassary.)


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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open that script and do to <b>page windows(F8)</b> and open the corresponding page .

select the <b>main window</b> .

now at the bottom of the screen you will find the <b>standard attributes</b> for that window.

here you can adjust the <b>length</b> of that window.

Hope it helps you...

Let me know if u have any more doubt...

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Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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use the following adjustment

MAIN 00 Main Window 0,90 CM 9,80 CM 18,80 CM 15,00 CM

FOOTER footer 4,50 CM 27,60 CM 10,80 CM 1,00 CM

HEADER header 15,80 CM 0,80 CM 3,20 CM 1,00 CM

TOTAL total 15,90 CM 25,60 CM 3,40 CM 1,00 CM



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Hi ali...

please make the habit of closing the questions that u have posted..



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For main window there are four parameters :

Left Margin

Upper margin

Window width

Window height

So i cant understand in your request what is what. please calculate it accordingly and you will be with your solution.,

Assign reward points if it helps.