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Screen Painter Matrix Column Order

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Hi All,

I have a matrix in a form developed in Screen Painter. I add new columns in ths matrix and they seems to appear in a different order when I load the form. Is this a way to handle it?

Best Regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Vangelis,

That might have to do with the form's Form Setting. If you enabled it, B1 one will remember your user's preferences and display the column accordingly.

A typical scenario where that might happen is when you are creating a form in screen painter, you add (e.g.) two columns and you preview the form. At that moment B1 will save your user's form preferences and will record only those two columns. You then change the form, you add more column, change the columns order, etc., either using screen paint or by editing the SRF file but these changes are not saved in B1's form preferences.

When you open the form, the two columns that are referenced in B1 form setting will appear first and the other will appear by whatever order they come in the SRF file.

You can test if I'm correct following this steps:

- Check the order of the matrix's columns in the SRF file. If needed, change it;

- Open the form with another B1 user and see if the column's orders are correct.

Kind Regards,

Vítor Vieira

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