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Screen Modification in PA30, Pa20

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Hi all,

Can anybody help in providing me the information regarding customisation in initial screen changes while in PA30 or PA20.

I have done the modification in the screens for infotypes. But whenever i switch into PA30 Name is displaying but the field is not getting displayed, same for empl grp and emp sub grp.

Please help

Thanks in advance


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Have you checked screen modifications?

Path in IMG: Personnel Management>Personnel Administration>Customizing User Interfaces>Change Screen Header


Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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1)Check the Header modifier and Infotype header definition

2)Infotype Header definition should contain all the things given by Ariti



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Try this.

98 1 01 0001 ENAME DD1

98 1 14 0001 ENAME DAT

98 1 35 0001 BTRTL DD1

98 1 48 0001 BTRTL DAT

98 1 58 0001 BTRTL DTX

98 2 01 0001 PERSG DD2

98 2 14 0001 PERSG DAT

98 2 17 0001 PERSG DTX

98 2 35 0001 WERKS DD1

98 2 48 0001 WERKS DAT

98 2 58 0001 WERKS DTX

98 3 01 0001 PERSK DD2

98 3 14 0001 PERSK DAT

98 3 17 0001 PERSK DTX

98 3 35 0001 PLANS DD1

98 3 48 0001 PLANS DAT

98 3 58 0001 PLANS DTX


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Thanks for the response. The changes which are suggested is for the action screen. When we enter into the master data for any changes we need to keyin the personnel number. After hitting enter we get the Name, PA, PSA, EG, ESG, which I am not getting. Later I have configured the country grouping in the decision tree. But now, The field name for name is displaying whereas, the other field names for PA, PSA etc are not getting displayed.

Kindly help.

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Hi Arun,

I think you are talking about Header Modification and not Screen modification. Am I right?

When we go to PA30 or PA20 and enter Personnel Number we get get a lot of information on the header.

You can configure that through header modifcation.

Go to SPRO - Personnel Management - Pers Admin - Customizing User interfaces - Change Screen header.

You will have to configure these steps as per your requirement

1. Header structure per infotype

2. Header Modifier

3. Infotype header definition

Also be sure to enter the correct coutry grouping while configuring and also maintain it for your user in SU01 in parameters tab UGR = 40(India) or 10 ( US) etc



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Thanks Ajay,

I have checked the User maintenance parameters. There are fine.

Rest needs to be checked again. Will revert after checking.

Thanks in advance.