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Scoring of Vendor for InProcess rejection

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Dear All,

We have specific requirement where we want complaint rejectiol level calculation as per our need

In SAP the standard formula is as follow

The 'Complaint' subcriterion is calculated using the following formula:

  Factor * T - nonconf. costs
QSc = QScmin + ( QScmax - QScmin ) * ----------------------------------
  Factor * T

QScmin  =  Lower quality score limit from the QSS table

QScmax  =  Maximum quality score from the QSS table

Factor  =  Relevant turnover share for quality score calculation

T      =  Vendor turnover for the selected period and
purchasing organization

Nonconf. costs = Estimated nonconformity costs * no. of notifications

Required formula for Non Conf cost

In Non Conf Cost

Non conf cost=Moving Price*No of rejected pieces taken from  Notifications in Type Q2

The rest formulas should be as such only.

The Total Qty should be sum of qty in all notifications (Complaint qty) as per our need say defined in SPRO for 30 days or say 60 days.The screen shot for Satndard formula taken from SPRO is attached .The Notification qty indication from Q2 Notifiction is alos attached for your kind reference.A kind support and Input is highly needed.Pl suggest is it possible or not ,i think it is very much possible may be by some ABAP help.Pl advise .


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Dear All,

A reply this regard shall be highly thankful as i need this urgent for my company.

Pl advise


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hi,and lik

go to SPRO

MM-purchase-vendor evaluation and refer the attachement and link which is exactly you are asking for

Purchasing: Vendor Evaluation Enhancements - Release Notes for Release 3.0A - SAP Library

User user exit EXIT_SAPMM06L_001,then scoring method 8(screenshot)


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We worked exactly as per your requirement,Scoring method changed to 8.In required organisation with sepcific vendors we raised Notifications.When we did ME61 then system took effect in ME61 for rejection and complaint.Our ABAPER when tried to see effect of exit as per advised by you(Which was already linked with ME61 in our system) with 4 components .He applied break point with all 4 components ,unfortunately system is not stopping at breakpoint at any exit component.

Any further infomration can be very helpful to us.