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Scope Of Planning

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Hi All

We are using central planning and have defined the scope of planning in configuraton . We have also defined parallel processing .

But we can only see scope of planning field in MD01. We cannot see it in MD02. I beleive MD01 is for planning for single level only . We need to run the planning for single item , multilevel .

Can any one give me step by step procedure for executing the scope of planning run with the settinngs. Thanks

Kind Regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi ayaz,

1. Md01- Online MRP runwith scope of running, but since mrp will take huge resource from the system point , it is advisable to run

allwyas inthe back ground.

2. MDB - As Background Job

  • This is used to run the MRP in background

2.1. To run MRP in the bacground you need to create a variant.

2.2. Varianat creation can also be done from the MDBT

2.3. When you go to Mdbt you can see a varinant icon

2.4. Use this to create the varaint.

2.5. When you create varant you can see the scope of planing and alos all hte planning parameeter

2.6. Once the variant is created, you will see the variant displaye in the mdbt

2.7. now you can sstart immediately or you can schedule as per your requiremennt.

Kindly let me know for querry



Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Create one Variant and Background MRP MDBT with single item & Multi level . you have included all the plants in OM0E in scope

of planning . Are you planning with MRP area also you can define in OM0E .


Jaya Vimal

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Dear ,

MRP can be run Singel Item , Singel Level in MD03 that means materila can be planned individual level in this txn .Where as MD01-MRP Run means total planning irrespective of Plant , MRP Area , MRP Controller , Storae Loaction or Group of any combination at lowest level of the materail ( Lowest BOM level or Lowest Code ) .That's why in MDO1 , there is an option called Scope Of Planning through which you can plan matyerials in multiple location ( plant , storage loaction , MRP area etc ) based on the BOM structure ( singel level or Multilevel ) .

But in MD02-Singel Item , Multilevel means individual item having BOM , can be planned along with dependenet at its lowest level .So here you can not run MRP at group of plant or other combination as like MD01.But you have option to run at product group level where materials are includede under a product group.

So there is no such set up to run Scope Of planning in MD02 .

Hope it is clear



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Hi Ayaz

One can execute planning run at 2 levels: As Total planning for aplant or for an individual material

MD02 transaction (Single item multi level planning) is used to run MRP for single material not for multiple material, whereas,

MD01 transaction (Total planning online) is used to run MRP on many materials at a single time and the area for which planning is to be carried out is defined in scope of planning. Total Planning for a plant covers all MRP relevant materials for this plant and includes the BOM explosion for materials