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Scope items 1J2 vs 5XU difference

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Hello, I'm trying to search for an accurate description of functionalities for scope items 1J2 and 5XU but apart from the basic business benefits I don't really see the list of functionalities anywhere. Maybe someone will know:

What functionalities can I use when 1J2 is activated?

And what can I do when 5XU is activated (but could not do with just 1J2)?


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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi Vosk,

Please find here the links to the Best Practices for those two scope items for the US:


In the best practice links you’ll find the processes, setup instructions, Test Scripts and general description/Business Benefits

For you to consider the key differences are:

  • Scope Item 1J2 is the basic functionality and doesn’t require a license
  • Scope item 5XU is the advanced functionality and requires an additional license

Please note that those scope items are Country specific so you’ll have to access the Best practices for the Country or countries in scope.

I hope this helps.

Ernesto Cepeda

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Hi Ernesto, thanks for your answer. That is exactly what I have found but I was hoping there is more detailed explanation of those functionalities. Because from the overview the customer doesn't really know if the scope is worth the additional licence.