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Schemas TM and PY

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Hey Guys,

I am new into SAP.

I just wanted to know the most common or most necessary schemas used in TM and PY so that i can get a good picture.

In other words, what are the most imp schemas in TM or PY??


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Payroll schemas are most of it country specific schemas for USA like U000 and for time schemas are Tm00,tm04,tm01

To access the schemas go to tcode PE01 and insert u000 and change mode , press F1 button u get more information for each schema.

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surya has given very good explanation

payroll schemas are country scpecific

say for example:--> us payroll schema is U000, we have to copy this and use it

the most commonly used schemas in us payrolll

ubd0==basici data

utoo--time mgmt

UAL0 Proration and cumulation gross

UDD0 Process deductions, Benefits

UTX0 Calculate taxes

UGRN Calculate garnishments

UNA0 Calculate net

UNN0 Net processing

UAC0 Month end accruals

thanks and regards

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Go to transaction PE01>> Then press F4 button by clicking at shema field >> it will take you to Schema Directory

In the schema directory you have three diferent options,

1) Payroll and time management schemas - This will give you all the schema both payroll and time and also standard and cusomer specific

2)Payroll only - if you click on this and execute then you will find only payroll schmas

3)Time management only - this is only for time schemas.

Select any one of the above 3 and you will get all standard and customizable schemas.

Please let me know if you need any further information on the schemas. If your question is answered then please close the thread.

Best Regards,


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Answers (1)

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Schemas are composed of functions & PCR's

PCR's are Composed of Operations.....

Time & Payroll have Schemas.

Most commonly used are TM00,TM01,TM04 in Time Mgmt

IN00, U000, CN00 etc.. for India, US, China etc....