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Scheduling Query

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Dear Gurus,

I am maintaining in house pron tiome and gr processing time and smk is zero only.I am getting the planned order at the reqmt date only.My scenario is backward scheduling.Say If i give the demand on 1/09/2008 I am getting planned order 1/09/2008.If i convert to production order leadtime scheduling is happening and dates are redermined as per routing timing.In my scenario while converting To production order.Production order finish date should be 01/09/2008 only.What settings i have to do in backend and in fronend to prevent lead time scheduling while converting to production order.

Please through some light in this regard

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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In OPPQ do the tick mark for order date in past for your plant.

And if you want in OPU3 for your plant and order type you define no of days for order date in past.

As order date in past is allowed the system will do the scheduling in back date also. So it will not change Production order finish date.



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