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scheduling profile

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Can any body tell me what is the important of "Producton scheduling profile"

"Production schedular" in SAP PP.

Thanks in advance!


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Answers (2)

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Hi Nilesh,

I just want to summarize what Rajesh said,

PSP--- Production Schedulng Profile are set of controls asigned to a Material.

What are the controls

Order Release with the Creation of production order .

Scheduling with the Order Release

Auto Goods Receipt

Capacity Profile

Automatic Batch creation with the Production order for the header material

Order type for the system to select When we convert the PLanned order to Prd order.

These some of the generic controls associated with PSP.

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SAP help

production scheduling profile

In this step you can create production scheduling profiles for specific plants.

In a production scheduling profile, you can

specify that in a production order or process order particular business transactions are carried out in parallel

order release on order creation

generation of document link from material master on order creation

generation of document link from BOM on order creation

printing on order release

scheduling on order release

generation of document link from material master on order release

generation of document link from BOM on order release

specify that only partial quantities are to be confirmed in an availability check

specify that automatic goods receipt should take place

enter an overall profile for capacity leveling

specify how the capacity requirements of operations should go into the basic load

specify when finite scheduling is carried out in the capacity availability check

specify that for the confirmation

no deficit quantities are updated

no surplus quantities are updated

neither deficit nor surplus quantities are updated

an adjustment of the operation and component quantities to the actual values takes place

make various specifications in the area of batch management:

automatic batch creation on order creation

branch to batch classification on changing a batch

extended batch classification via Customer Function Call

specify that only transport requirements are created if transport requirements can be generated for all components in the operation

specify that when transport requirements are generated either the committed quantity or the required quantity are taken into account

specify that the creation of transport requirements takes place automatically

specify which order type is proposed depending on the business process (make-to-stock, make-to-order, engineer-to-order, order without material)

You can assign a production scheduling profile to a

material (work scheduling screen in material master)

production scheduler (Customizing)

The assignment to the material has a higher priority.

The production scheduling profile is copied to the production order or process order on order creation.


1. Create the necessary production scheduling profiles.

2. Assign the profiles to the appropriate materials or production schedulers.

Production Scheduler

Define production scheduler

In this step, you define the production schedulers for your plants. In addition to this, you can assign a control profile to each production scheduler.

By assigning production schedulers to materials within the application, you can define responsibilities for a materials within production activity control.


1. Create your production schedulers.

2. If necessary, assign profiles to your production schedulers.