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Scheduling Agreement Process

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Dear All

Can you please explain me scheduling agreement process( sales) ? can you please tell me the configuration steps? If anybody implement the scheduling agrreement plz send me the configuration document.

I dont want mm sides scheduling agreement or stock transfer scheduling agreement.

Thanks and Regards

Bhushan Kolte

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Outline agreements are classified into two

1. Contract

2. Scheduling agreement.

Scheduling agreement is an outline agreement with the customer containing delivery dates and delivery quantities. Orders that are released with reference to contracts and scheduling agreements based on Customer requested deliveries dates. The orders that customer requests to be delivered on the specific delivery dates.

In this process the customer enters into a deal with the company asking them to send the materials by default on the requested delivery date. Usually the agreement will be for 1 year. here the schedule lines will be created in the schedule line tab as per the agreement and we will release the qty as assigned per schedule date. Stock should be available.

1. You Customize your sales document type through Tcode VOV8 we choose from the Doc Types: LP- Scheduling Agreements, LK - Scheduling Agreements EXag, LZ -Sched. Agr/ w del., LZM - SchedAgrtW/Dly Ord....

2. You Customize your item category through tcode VOV7. Depending on the document type that you have chosen for your ascenario

3. Assign the item category to the sales document using tcode VOV4

4. This is the basic config that you need to do, assign sales doc to your sales are if it requires

5. PGI --> Billing doc (Similarly you will have to customise the billing documents)

6. To do further config with respect to sheculing agreements we have to carry out in

a. IMG --> Sales and Distribution --> Sales --> Scheduling agreements with delivery schedule --> Define Schedule line types

b. IMG --> Sales and Distribution --> Sales --> Scheduling agreements with delivery schedule --> Maintain planning delivery sched. instruct/ Splitting Rules

Here you maintain Delivery Schedule Splitting rules, Instructions and later assign splitting rules for delivery schedules(Week wise or Month wise...

This is basic to start with anything else please go through help line url provided by our members....



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Hi there,

Pls donot ask for any documentation in SAP fourms. There is lot of content available in SAP library. ALso pls do a search in the forurms before posting the thread.

You can refer for scheduling aggrement.

Scheduling aggrement is a sales doc type which is created in VOV8. When creating a sceduling aggrement, user will enter the requiested delivery dates & quantity required. This doc is used when the user requirements are obvious / known before hand.

For eg user may request to send 100 quantity if item X on the 5th of every month. In that date you will cerate a scheduling aggrement with 100 quantity with delivery date as 3rd.

If the material is available, tehn system will confirm the date or propose a new date is stock is not available. When the schedule lines become due, system will create a delivery. This process can be either manual / automated.



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Please go through this link:


Also please make it a habit to scan following websites for some generic questions. You will find them really useful:




There are many more. You can serach for them on google.

Please close the thread if answered.


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Please go through SEARCH..Before posting the query

Go through this link which will be helpfull.