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Schedule Agrement

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In Schedule agrement Schedules are are eneterd as follows

Target Qty 10000


01-08-2008 - 200nos

05-08-2008 - 200nos

But the items are ready and we want the despatch the material today(17-07-08), in the initila Outbound delivery creation screen

the system dispalys message as "No schedule lines due for delivery up to the selected date"

If we change the date to 01-08-2008 in the initial selection screen we can enter into Delivery doc screen and can create PGI

is there any other metod/ or report is available in SAP to over come above problem.

(ie. if we eneter schedules Date wise and wants to despatch the material before the schedule dates)



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Scheduling argeement contains fixed delivery dates and quantities and the same is displayed in the schedule lines of the agreement and if you are trying to create a delivery today against the date proposed by the system the very meaning of scheduling the agreements is defeated The dates are fixed

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scheduling is for supplying according to a schedule. You ahve every right to override the system. But how can you expect the system to understand that it should despatch on the 1st when it should actually despatch on the 8th.

When you save the order with schedule lines it will save the order with the schedule lines confirming the qty for those dates. If you want to deliver it earlier you need to reset the dates in the order as well.

Another way of the getting around is change the MRP type from CP to CN for that line item. This will allow you to confirm qty for 1st. But remember there is not planning in such a case. IN other words scheduling does not apply.



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Dear Nagaraju,

Please try to change the Schedules date from 01.08.2008 to 17.07.2008 in the scheduling agreement then create delivery with to day's date.

I hope it will help you