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scc1 & se10 diff

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Could you pls tell me in brief, what is the difference between SCC1 & SE10 T.CODE ... As well, tell me clearly which tcode is used for transport with in cliend (for ex DEV) and which tcode used for server to server (DEV TO QUA)

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi sapjj jk

In sap data is client dependant i .e data available in this client

can'nt be seen on another client . if you want to copy data from one client to another client , then we use T-code SCC1

to copy data from one client to another.

in SAP whenever you make any changes to a program then

a transport request will be created . SE10 is used to transport any request either from development to quality or from quality to Production.

Hope this may be clear to you.

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Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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SCC1 is to Client to client copy ( with in the server Ex.Dev) here no need to release the TR

SE10 or SE09 is used to release the TR or to view the TR that are modifiyable or released

any of the T.code shhould be executed before transporting the TR from Server to Server (DEV to Quality) by the person who is created the TR.BASIS will trasport the Release TR's from server to server with T.code STMS.


venu gopal

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SCC1 - is for transaporting requests from one client to another in the same Server

SE10 - is for releasing transports & transport organiser.

STMS - is the transaction for transporting requests from server to server (DEV to QA)

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SCC1 is used for tranporting one client to another if both the client is in same server

SE10 is used for transporting from one client to another with different server



OOps i got it wrong for SE10