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Scale based rebate agreement on accreued business volume

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Hi, could you please show me some light !!!!!!!

I need to configure scale based agreement, which should work across all billing documents for agreement period. eg.

till 10000 TON 2%

10000-20000 TON 3%

20000 and Abave 4%

Here 10000, 20000, 30000 are the total weight bought by customer in this agreement term till this current invoice.

I choosed CALCULATION TYPE :Net Weight

SCALE BASIS : Net Weight Scale

It's not working. Any other suggestion???

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Please refer to note 392711 Rebate conditions with scales

For a customer billing document, the system always sets the provision

amount stored in the rebate condition. It ignores possibly available

scale levels, they are only relevant for the settlement. It would not

make sense to store scale levels defined for the final settlement in an

individual billing document.

This is the stanard system behavior.

Because the scale rates and values are made for settlement when the full sales volume is available.

Therefore it does not make much sense to use this scales during normal billing.

Accrual value allows you to choose a medium value in oder to meet the actual payment value in the end.



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